Why Your Demo Tape Does Not Matter

It’s 2015 and I’m still getting emails and tweets from people asking me to check out their demo. It’s pretty much a useless request, because even if I do take the time out of my day (which is a job people normally get paid for) to listen and hear something I like (which usually never happens), the artist still has to prove themselves. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t matter what I think about your demo or what anybody else thinks initially. What matters is if you have proven yourself. It’s that saying we all heard “numbers don’t lie” (even though they can, but that’s another topic).

Nobody cares about your music until it starts getting some major attention and moving some kind of numbers. This means a “number” of radio spins, a “number” of Mixtapes moved, a “number” of major features, a “number” of interviews, a “number” of albums sold, or a “number” of packed shows. It’s a numbers game. So stop asking for everyone’s opinion about your demo and put your record out and with a video. Yes a video! Because anybody can slap an MP3 together, upload it to soundcloud and think they’re in the big leagues. No you are not doing anything special. Start separating yourself from the bunch and put together a video so we can see your vision and get it. It doesn’t have to be costly either to be good. Just be creative. History proves time after time how people have created more while working with less. It’s about creativity, so for an artist that should come easy. Also, stop calling it a demo. There is no such thing as a demo, practice, or a tryout record. Its either you’re doing this music thing for real or you are not.

If not just click the X button in the top right corner and call it a day.

Bottom line, forget every ones opinion prior to putting it out. Put your record out promote it, and only then will you truly see if your audience likes your music or if you have to go back to the drawing board. If it moves crowds then people will pay attention and want to help, book you, give you beats, and offer deals. I can only imagine that talented artist sitting on a hit but didn’t put it out because someone said it was wack. Man what does he know. He probably had aspirations of becoming a rapper too. So put your music out, with a creative visual.

Until then, nobody knows if you have a hit. So get to work so that they will.

Good luck out there