Torch of MMG – Color Cut Clarity Interview

Torch of MMG - Color Cut Clarity InterviewOne of the biggest movements right now is Maybach Music Group, led by Def Jam recording artist Rick Ross. Maybach Music Group has not only made a heavy impact on mainstream, but they have also kept a strong hold on the streets releasing various mixtapes and street albums from their various artists. I got a chance to chop it up with artist Torch of MMG (Maybach Music Group) for a quick sec, who fills me in on how he as a rapper from NY connected with one of the biggest artist in the south. Check out the interview below.

ATB: How you feeling today bruh?

Torch: Bless fam, very blessed!

ATB: That’s wsup..Let our readers know where your from, where you rep.

Torch: I’m born and raised in the “BX” Bronx, New York- Castle Hill. I currently live in Miami, but please don’t get it twisted it’s the Bronx ALL day.

ATB: I can dig it! What made you decide to get in the rap game and who were some of your influences?

Torch: I’ve been rapping since I was fifteen, but I really didn’t start taking it serious until Ross dropped “Hustling”. It really made me think, seeing someone that close to me make a hit record sparked something inside of me. From that day on it’s been history in the making.

ATB: I know some of our readers want to know…how did you connect with Rick Ross being you’re from NY?

Torch: When I was sixteen I caught a drug case and my mom sent me to live with my older sister in Miami to avoid going to jail. I STILL ENDED UP GOING… But, anyway one day Ross saw me chilling on the corner on my New York sh*t and told me “That ain’t how we do shit down here, you’re gonna f*ck around and get yourself indicted”. He took me under his wing and been like a big brother to me ever since.

ATB: Wow! That’s dope…Ok what project are you currently working on now?

Torch: I have my hands in everything, as we speak I’m continent hopping w/ the Teflon Don- Ricky Rozay and the Maybach Music family on the BMF (Blowing Money Fast) Tour. I’m in the studio w/ Triple C’s working on “Color Cut Clarity”, still promoting my latest project “Krash Kourse”, working on my solo album “UFO”, ghost writing some of your favorite songs. [Laughing] yeah ….even if you’re not feeling me, your favorite artists are singing and rapping songs written by my pen. GOD IS GOOD.

ATB: Niiiiiiice! Sounds like things are going well. Now on we have a column called Music Industry bullsh*t where we vent about the bullsh*t we go thru as producers. As an artist what’s some of the bullsh*t u go thru

Torch: Hell yeah, there’s bullshit everyday and it only gets worse with the more money you make. My biggest issue is people holding on to hate and not giving credit when it’s due. You don’t like me, Triple C, Ross or the rest of my Maybach family personally- that’s cool. 9 times out of 10 if we met in public, we wouldn’t like your ass either. But, one thing that can’t be denied is that right now we’re the hottest things out. Think I’m lying? Call your favorite station and I bet there’s at least one Maybach artist on that play list; month after month. Don’t hate and pull some b*tch sh*t, give credit and keep it moving.

ATB: I feel you and def agree with you, a lot of haters out there. What do you think about all the beefs in the game? Are they valid or just promo tools?

Torch: Honestly, unless some-one’s physically attacking your family directly all this sh*ts promo. It’s very rare people really have beef w/ each other and it’s on some genuine dislike. But, in an industry where most of these “artists” are made of bubble gum- most of it’s for views on their youtube page.

ATB: True…what do you think about them 360 deals that major labels are starting to make mandatory?

Torch: Modern day slavery… It’s a shame.

ATB: You nailed it!So far do you have any regrets? If you can change one thing in your life.. what would it be?

Torch: Honestly, everything in life I’ve done has lead me exactly where I am. I’m not suppose to be here. So I’m grateful for all of it; the good, bad, grimy and everything in between. Now I’m just trying to do everything that I can so my son has a better life then I had growing up.

ATB: Makes sense..what do you like to do in your spare time?

Torch: Sleep [laughing]

ATB: [laughing] Get it in when you can huh? [laugh] ok….any artist & producers you would like to work with in the future?

Torch: I’ve pretty much worked w/ everyone that I ever wanted to. But, there’s much more to be had out of this music game. Get back to me [laughing]

ATB: That’s a blessing….now a lot of aspiring artist trying to get In this game. You have any advice for em?

Torch: Keep it simple stupid. When you try to be all extra to impress those you think have your best interest, you quickly loose site of who you are and become a puppet for profit.

ATB: You ain’t lying bruh!! My partner Jug, also from the Bronx always says that line “Keep it simple stupid” So how can fans keep up to date with the latest on you?

Torch: For all things Torch, check out my website,, my twitter fan page and on facebook

ATB: If someone wanted to book you for a show or feature who should they contact?

Torch: Send all correspondents to Lou at Specialyst Entertainment:

ATB: Cool man, I think that about wraps it up for now. Thanks for taking a sec out to just chop It up with us and giving this exclusive interview, we really appreciate it. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Torch: Thank you and shout outs to everyone at It’s been real. Also, to everyone over at Specialyst Ent., Lou, the homie BG, Maybach Music, my brothers the Teflon Don-Ricky Rozay, GunPlay, Young Breed and Mass Pike Miles. Amazin Models and my publicist Arie over at Leira PR. —- F*ck what you heard it’s what you’re hearing!