The Colleagues You Don’t Know Producer Interview

The Colleagues You Don't Know Producer InterviewWhile we were working on Alley Boy’s “Definition of F*ck Sh*t” mixtape (which is now considered a hood classic) I had the pleasure of meeting up with production duo The Colleagues. The Colleagues (who produced the soulful Alley Boy track “You Don’t Know”) have been hard at work knocking out tracks for various artist making a name for themselves. I got up with the homie, K.P of The Colleagues just to shoot the breeze and have some quick producer talk. Check it out below.

ATB: For our readers, run down your resume real quick. Let em know who the The Colleagues consist of and some of the artist you’ve worked with.

K.P: I’m KP, I started the Colleagues and brought along my partner Young C. We produced for Maino, Slick Pulla, Dipset, Alley Boy, Trick Daddy, Pastor Troy, Smitty, and more

ATB: Nice! Where are yall from? Where do yall currently reside?

K.P: I’m from Tampa but was raised in Tampa and Orlando so I claim both. Young C is from Ocala and we both reside in Tampa now.

ATB: I’m hating right now. I can use that warm weather right now (laugh). Ok, how long have you been producing for and how did yall connect and get in the game?

K.P: I’ve been producing for about 3 years seriously; I would always fuck around on fruity loops but didn’t get serious til 2007. I used to manage an artist named Dee Boi and that’s how I built my connects in the industry. I started the colleagues once he got locked up and connected with my partner Young C cuz I wanted him to play keys on this joint and we just had that vibe and we made it official after a few months.

ATB: Dope…what was yall first major placement? And how did that happen?

K.P: First major placement was Maino- Get Em Tiger and we actually made the track at my mommas house in her living room cuz my place wasn’t fully furnished yet and we got the call at 2am from Mainos camp and we handled biz that night and he recorded it the next night. It was krazy

ATB: Oh maan, those stories are always the best… is the biz everything you’ve expected?

K.P: Hell nah (laugh)….not at all….it’s so much that comes into play with this. It’s very frustrating at times and i just keep faith in God and pray and stay away from all the negativity that comes with the game

ATB: I feel you on that. Now how would you describe yall sound?

K.P: I don’t think we really have a sound. I think we are still searching as we speak.

ATB: What do you think about all the latest producer software (Fruity Loops, Reason, Native Instruments, etc) that’s been coming out vs hardware? (Drum machines, sound modules, live instruments). Is hardware getting outdated?

K.P: I wouldn’t say it’s getting out dated. I believe it doesn’t matter what u use, as long as it comes out hot.

ATB: True! So how long does it take yall usually to make a beat?

K.P: Depends on what kind of beat it is, when we REALLY go in on a beat, might take us a day or so, if we have to involve live instruments and all that, but me personally, I take longer cuz I second guess everything. Young C is a beast on the keys so he knocks stuff out quick (laugh)

ATB: (laugh) That’s wsup. Do yall make beats with artist in mind or do you go with whatever and stash it until the right artist comes?

K.P: Sometimes it helps to know who it’s for, usually by the time the beat is done we have someone in mind for it, but usually it gets picked up by someone else (laugh)

ATB: Ain’t that the truth!! You make a banger clearly for one artist, he pass on it but another artist totally left field wants it. Go f*kn figure! I don’t even argue with the logic anymore (laugh). So which artist have you enjoyed working with the most and why?

K.P: Alllllll the artists that cut the check on time (laugh)….nah we don’t have a favorite but we got a lot that we liked working with,

ATB: (laugh) I feel you on that. Ok we bout to go in…(ahem) we have this column on called Music Industry Bullsh*t where we vent about some of the B.S we go through as producers. What’s one thing in this biz that yall tired of dealing with?

K.P: Awww man why you doing this to me (laugh)….

ATB: Told you we was bout to go in bruh..

K.P: …A&R’s dick riding these producers like everything they drop is gold. Artists bullsh*ttin and wanting free beats…..Imma tell yalll this, if a A&R tell you it ain’t a banger and you KNOW it is….go with your gut

ATB: Amen! You speaking the truth. Now of course there are a lot of young cats coming up trying to get into music production or just trying to take their sound to the next level. At the same time politics can make this game very frustrating at times. Do yall have any tips?

K.P: Stay focused, do not get side tracked. Keeping doing you, it’s a lot that’s going on that might make you second guess yourself but you have to stay true to yourself and do what your heart says. Keep God involved in everything you do.

ATB: Great advice!! So now what’s next for yall? What projects do you have coming that we should look out for?

K.P: We have another Maino placement coming on his next album and we have several different possible placements that we cant speak on, you know how it goes

ATB: Yeah I def know how that go. Just go to keep working and wait for the news. Any artist you would like to work with that you haven’t yet?

K.P: Every platinum selling artist (laugh)….Wayne and Rhianna would be lovely

ATB: Yeah those are some nice checks too. (laugh) Anything outside of producing yall would like to get into?

K.P: Yall stop tweetin me bout my Lakers. It’s nuttin you can say to me, my reply will always be BACK TO BACK champs (laugh)

ATB: Oh here we go..I’m not even going to get into that with you now. Moving on….any regrets so far? Anything you would do over?

K.P: Never regret. That’s how u live, learn and grow

ATB: True! How can fans keep up with yall and stay informed on the latest with you?


ATB:.. and if one wants to get a track from yall, how would they go about it?

K.P: email us at

ATB: Well …there it is bruh! I think that about wraps it up for now. I want to thank you for giving this exclusive interview. We appreciate you taking time out of your day for this. Do you have any last words for our readers, besides the Lakers?(laugh)

K.P: (laugh) Thank yall for the interview and to everyone who is reading this, just believe in ya self, that’s all you need and you will make it.