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Non Rappers Getting Record Deals

(Sigh). You know its bad when I start off with a (sigh)…lol ok..check this out. So I just got word that some dude who don’t even rap, might get a record deal ….from a major label. Huh?? Yeah you heard it right..I didn’t say he’s a wack rapper, I said he don’t rap! I know yall like Wtf??? I know, I know..(and I touched on this topic before, but I’ll go in again on it) This is what the game has become, people getting record deals because they’re currently getting a lot of attention…or should I say promotion. You see the record labels have become lazy when it comes to picking talent to go into business with. They are no longer in the business of finding raw talent and building careers…it just takes too long for them to make a profit. Record labels are no longer in it for the long haul, they just want the fast quick buck from a project now and then your out of there…”on to the next one”. They want something that’s already running and they can simply jump aboard and tighten up a few things….if even. Read More