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Hip-Hop Abused – I Used To Love Her

Hip-Hop Abused I Used to Love Her

The Past. Remember back in the days when people were in love with the Hip Hop culture? You couldn’t get enough of the MC skills, break dancing, b boxing, graffiti, etc. Remember when cats held ciphers and battled each other while one of the homies cupped his hands over his mouth to supply the background music? I know I’m not the only one that supplied beats by banging on lunch room tables. Man I use to get creative and pull out a nickel to help give me a scratching effect on the table every few bars…lol.. Remember racing home to watch music videos? How about standing in the mirror reciting your favorite verse? Man I remember watching the news and a few kids were sent to the hospital for trying to do head spins and hand spins..SMH….LOL Read More