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Why I Almost Quit The Music Business

Common said it best, “I used to love her”  Her being hip-hop. My her was the music business overall.  You see, when I started my journey into the music business, I thought I wanted to be a rap star, nah fuck that, I wanted to be a mogul!  But as I grew into the business, I quickly realized that wasn’t what I truly wanted at all.

My love for music started extremely young. Maybe that’s why my parents made my brothers and I take piano lessons.  As I started to dive deep into the exploration of hip hop, my world changed. I wanted to rap ever so badly. I used to move from my friends cribs, who were DJ’s and had instrumentals and microphones. We used to make these tapes (remember those?) back in the day.   

As an artist I felt I couldn’t be touched. I was from the Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop. I felt that nothing could stop me. That was until I realized that producers wouldn’t give me any beats. Guys who had equipment, wouldn’t part with their beloved beats. So I needed a plan .  Fuck it, I dropped some money into some equipment and learned how to make beats with the help of an OG from my block.  (Shout out to Infinity Phree!) 

I would literally spend hours upon hours working on music.  It was like the air I needed to become alive. Soon after I found out my cousin was also into music and we immediately started to share ideas.  Fast forward, we started to achieve; scoring platinum and gold records from the most legendary artist hip hop has to offer. We had gotten a large production deal and we were working the best of the best in the business. When we were flying at our highest, I literally felt my lowest.  

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Artist Without an Online Plan, Plan to Fail In the Music Business

arkatech-beatz-online-plan-imageArtist Without an Online Plan, Plan to Fail In the Music Business

As the technology in the music business continues to evolve, and new mediums to create, share and distribute music are introduced, it becomes essential for new artist to keep up with the current trends. Whether it’s using the latest social media platforms or utilizing the latest website plugins, the importance of having a clear plan for your online presence can make or break your music career. Below are some simple steps you can take to better your online music promotion. Read More

What’s A Songwriter Split Sheet? Not Having One Can Cost You Big Time

songwriting-arkatechbeatzWhat’s A Songwriter Split Sheet? Not Having One Can Cost You Big Time

The creative process can sometimes take place within a group of artist or musicians. It’s very common to be in a situation where you have some folks working on the beats/music, and others working on the lyrics. Other times, people get together during a studio session and create music/songs with such a vibe one just cannot deny. When it’s all said and done, and you’re listening to the next hot song, the big question lies. Who was responsible for what portions of the song? When creative collaboration comes about, a songwriter split sheet can help to determine everyone’s fair songwriting share. Read More

Lease Beats vs Exclusive Beats

Lease Beats Vs Exclusive BeatsA lot of folks have been hitting me up about leasing and purchasing exclusive beats, trying to figure out what would be best for them, I always answer, well of course it depends on your current situation and what you are trying to do. Now before I get into it, let me give you a quick and very basic definition of both so you can have a general understanding. Read More

Hip-Hop Abused – I Used To Love Her

Hip-Hop Abused I Used to Love Her

The Past. Remember back in the days when people were in love with the Hip Hop culture? You couldn’t get enough of the MC skills, break dancing, b boxing, graffiti, etc. Remember when cats held ciphers and battled each other while one of the homies cupped his hands over his mouth to supply the background music? I know I’m not the only one that supplied beats by banging on lunch room tables. Man I use to get creative and pull out a nickel to help give me a scratching effect on the table every few bars…lol.. Remember racing home to watch music videos? How about standing in the mirror reciting your favorite verse? Man I remember watching the news and a few kids were sent to the hospital for trying to do head spins and hand spins..SMH….LOL Read More

Non Rappers Getting Record Deals

(Sigh). You know its bad when I start off with a (sigh)…lol ok..check this out. So I just got word that some dude who don’t even rap, might get a record deal ….from a major label. Huh?? Yeah you heard it right..I didn’t say he’s a wack rapper, I said he don’t rap! I know yall like Wtf??? I know, I know..(and I touched on this topic before, but I’ll go in again on it) This is what the game has become, people getting record deals because they’re currently getting a lot of attention…or should I say promotion. You see the record labels have become lazy when it comes to picking talent to go into business with. They are no longer in the business of finding raw talent and building careers…it just takes too long for them to make a profit. Record labels are no longer in it for the long haul, they just want the fast quick buck from a project now and then your out of there…”on to the next one”. They want something that’s already running and they can simply jump aboard and tighten up a few things….if even. Read More