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Do Music Streaming Services Devalue Music?

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Music Streaming Services Devalue Music

Since the Internet boom, record labels have been trying to find a way to keep a handle on music illegally being available for free downloads. For years they have been losing the battle. Is the music industry doomed to failure?  Read More

Do Music Email Blasts Work?

email-listI have a lot of associates that offer email blasts services. For the most part it is a good way to get your music out as long as the ones blasting it have relationships with who they are blasting it to or it can end up being as useful as a drop in a bucket. To be totally honest, I hate being added to an MP3 email blast list from some random person I don’t know. I usually delete it right away without listening to the record (I don’t like my inbox cluttered). The worst part about some of those emails are the generic lines like “the biggest record in the city” or “has a huge buzz”. 9 out of 10 times if you check it out it’s false. Besides, the hottest record usually doesn’t have to be announced. So refrain from using the generic wording when using email blasts or have some sort of proof. Read More

Why Your Demo Tape Does Not Matter

It’s 2015 and I’m still getting emails and tweets from people asking me to check out their demo. It’s pretty much a useless request, because even if I do take the time out of my day (which is a job people normally get paid for) to listen and hear something I like (which usually never happens), the artist still has to prove themselves. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t matter what I think about your demo or what anybody else thinks initially. What matters is if you have proven yourself. It’s that saying we all heard “numbers don’t lie” (even though they can, but that’s another topic). Read More

Arkatech Beatz – Rough Patch

Get the latest beat “Rough Patch”  from Platinum Producers ARKATECH BEATZ.

Production Credits Include: Nas, Raekwon, Game, Prodigy, Curren$y, Mya, Max B, Meek Mill, Jadakiss, Alley Boy, Shawty Lo, Waka Flocka, Freddie Gibbs, Killer Mike, Cyhi Tha Prynce, Eldorado Red, Pesh Mayweather, Mikey Dollaz, I.L Will, Lil Chris, Sasha Go Hard and more!

Arkatech Beatz Giving Away Free Beat!

Here is your chance to work with Multi Patinum record producers Arkatech Beatz.

Ok,  let me get right to it. My birthday is this Monday, April 28th, and I’m feeling generous. So for just you serious grinding artist I’m giving away a free trap beat so we can find the next artist to work with. My production partner Jug isn’t really feeling the idea of giving away a free beat, but hey it’s my birthday so I got him to go along with it for a limited time only, so share this via Twitter and FaceBook to your friends,family, and whoever else is on the grind. Read More

The Making Of Waka Flocka’s – Power Of My Pen – Prod By Arkatech Beatz

The Making Of “Power Of My Pen” Prod By Arkatech Beatz from Urban Format Films on Vimeo.

Platinum Producers Arkatech Beatz give you a behind the scenes look of the making of the beat for Waka Flocka’s “Power Of My Pen” Prod By Arkatech Beatz. For more beats like this one go to and follow us on twitter @arkatechbeatz

Waka Flocka Flame’s # 1 Rap album “Triple F Life” is in stores and available at iTunes


The Mixtape Game

As of late there has been an increase of mixtapes being put out by artist. It seems like everyone and their grandmother is dropping one every other week. But you know what? It has become a necessary promotional tool to create, maintain or increase ones buzz. Not only are local unsigned artist doing it, but more major platinum selling artist are jumping on board utilizing this tool.  Read More

How Big Pun Changed My Life

How Big Pun Changed My LifeOn the anniversary of Big Pun’s death, I couldn’t help thinking..

I didn’t speak to Big Pun as much as I should have.

Being a young producer from the North East Bronx, and being in the studio for the first time with a major label artist, sort of had me on edge. My production partner Mike “Trauma” D, worked at Loud Records at the time so he had established a cool relationship with Pun. We traveled all the way to Staten Island to Mystic Studios to lay the track for “Capital Punishment”. I didn’t really know what to expect, I was just happy to be doing this music producer thing. Little did I know, I would be part of a hip-hop classic in the making, and how my life would never be the same after that session. Read More

L Don O Let’s Do It Producer Interview

L Don O Let's Do It Producer InterviewThere are hundreds of thousands of producers out there trying to make a name for themselves, and you have to do something a little extra ordinary to kind of put you ahead of the pack, L Don has done that. With producing Waka Flocka’s hit single “O Let’s Do It” he is definitely ahead of the pack. He not only has the entire Atlanta bopping, but also fans up top in NY got a chance to experience the Atlanta vibe once Diddy got on the remix along with Rick Ross. I got a chance to shoot the breeze real quick with the hit producer about production. Check out the interview with L Don below. Read More

Brick Squad Producer Southside Interview

Brick Squad Producer - SouthSide ProducerBrick Squad producer Southside is quickly making a name for himself. His hard hitting, menacing beats can be heard on albums and various mixtapes. From working as an inhouse producer knocking out bangers with Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka, South Side has lined himself up perfectly to be a producer to watch out for in 2011. Check out my quick Q&A interview with him below. Read More

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