Pesh Mayweather


The setting: Bruce Street, Lithonia, Georgia. A corrupted crack and violence infested neighborhood nestled inside a previously picturesque Atlanta suburb of Black affluence. Pesci is an anomaly of sorts, somewhat of an iconoclast and a loner, aggressive and creative. The juxtaposition that defines his character is dynamic and engaging; his wordplay is vivid and can evoke fear, but his approach to the music is that of a true artist, one who takes pride in his craft.

Pesci began his musical career under the mentorship of Rico Wade and Ray Murray, producers known collectively as Organized Noise of the illustrious Dungeon Family. Simultaneously, his rabid exploits of the Atlanta underworld and street economy brought him into the good graces of the infamous Black Mafia Family. However, Pesci’s continuous life of crime lead to him serving multiple prison stints that would temporarily halt his career’s trajectory. Those periods of incarceration inspire some of his fire and anger. With an animalistic approach, Pesci engineers and delivers intense passionate rhymes indicative of his brassy upbringing, savage environment, and life experiences. The venom spewed from his lips is purposefully and masterfully articulated.

Now affiliated with Duct Tape Entertainment, Pesci’s loyalty to his art as well as his family in DTE is self-evident. With his past behind him, Pesci is now fully focused on his craft, and in true artistry spirit, retribution is his end game; link up or get extorted.