Non Rappers Getting Record Deals

(Sigh). You know its bad when I start off with a (sigh)…lol ok..check this out. So I just got word that some dude who don’t even rap, might get a record deal ….from a major label. Huh?? Yeah you heard it right..I didn’t say he’s a wack rapper, I said he don’t rap! I know yall like Wtf??? I know, I know..(and I touched on this topic before, but I’ll go in again on it) This is what the game has become, people getting record deals because they’re currently getting a lot of attention…or should I say promotion. You see the record labels have become lazy when it comes to picking talent to go into business with. They are no longer in the business of finding raw talent and building careers…it just takes too long for them to make a profit. Record labels are no longer in it for the long haul, they just want the fast quick buck from a project now and then your out of there…”on to the next one”. They want something that’s already running and they can simply jump aboard and tighten up a few things….if even.

So what they do is find anything…anyone,… rapper, non rapper, model, groupie, groupie sleeping with artist, someone doing drugs, someone jumping off cliffs, running into traffic, etc, generating noise and find a way of marketing it, packaging it and distributing. Basically record labels have become merchandising companies with you doing the promotion. A good example of this is how big mixtapes get from an artist grinding in the street making a buzz doing it all himself or with his own team. All of a sudden the record label wants to jump on board wanting a piece of the action, turning mixtapes into an album or cutting it down to an official EP. They figure hey…why should we spend the money. Lets just sit here and whoever gets a buzz, or the most hits on websites we’ll find a way to do a deal with them. Labels figure, with all the buzz being generated, we as a record label don’t have to spend much of our money and do anything but make items available for purchase.

Sh*t is real sad, because if this is the direction record companies are going in then quality music is out the window. Any idiot that wants to get a deal will say to themselves, I just got to do something crazy on camera, which will generate a million views, which will not only make me famous but will get me a record deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2 people in that video I saw circulating the web where there making out in a NY subway gets contacted for a deal. I mean that’s how bad its got. The worst part is little kids see this nonsense and start growing up with this..”be ignorant on camera” mentality. So what you will soon have is a society filled with people just out in the streets doing mischief on camera just for a chance to be a star…..scarey huh?

Let’s not put all the blame on record companies. TV has been exploiting this avenue for awhile with shows like Americas Home Funniest Videos, Pranked, Jackass and now all the reality shows popping up. They have been setting the stage all along, and now record companies are jumping on board finding a way to market these things in a way they can too profit from. So who’s to blame? Companies are in business to make money even if it’s by exploiting ignorance. Are they wrong?? Business wise? No!, Moral wise? Yup! Hey nothing sells like controversy, nothing gets ones attention more then drama. Just ask that NY rapper. (U know who I’m talking about) That’s why there are so much artist following the script using “beef’ as a marketing tool. These companies bank on the attention drama brings. Its promotion they don’t have to pay for. How about these reality shows? Do you really think the majority of these reality shows were given to artist or their family members because they want to highlight their talents? See the artist troubled path in hopes to inspire people that they can too turn a negative situation into a positive one? I doubt it!

I’m sure the artist feels that way and that was probably the pitch given to them, but the companies giving these deals are just exploiting the drama in these artist lives, putting family members on camera only to publicly humiliate them while using the artist name to sell the show. Bottom line..they don’t give a f*ck about you! It’s just about the money they can make by marketing your silly ass. Straight cooning if you ask me…yeah I said it, I took it there…..Cooning!! You know who I feel bad for though?? that talented artist, actor/actress, director, writer, that can’t get a shot because of this. But you know what? Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m the fool, maybe I’m the dumb one for expecting something else….because at the end of the day the music biz is under the title “Entertainment Business” isn’t it? I guess I need not to complain huh?

Anyway….So the next time your at the pump mumbling to yourself about the gas price and a homeless person approaches you for change, you may want to think twice and wonder…am I about to be that person caught on camera for peoples entertainment and perhaps someones record deal?? hmmmm Good luck out there.

“……and rolling tape!…….Action!!!!!!!!!” lol