Music Streaming Now Generates Trillions Of Plays -But Are Royalties Keeping Up?

Billions were too small to measure the number of streams tracked by Next Big Sound in the first half of the year. In its mid-year report issued this week, the music analytics company says it tracked a gigantic 1.03 trillion music streams from a host of popular streaming services.  

“The mission here is full transparency in the music industry,” writes Next Big Sound, smartly acquired by Pandora three months ago in its report of social data on the music industry, in a report describing the growth of music streaming and social media’s impact on the business. (On being bought the company writes that its response “is a self-satisfied grin… we now have the most comprehensive overview of the industry we’ve ever been able to deliver.”)

The headline number in the report is 1,032,225,905,640, or 1.03 trillion, the number of song plays on Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, SoundCloud, Vevo, Vimeo and YouTube that the company tracked in the first six months of this year. It’s a startling number, much larger than anything we’ve seen before it.

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