Music Production

Music Production

The roles of the music producer can be somewhat complex.  Often times the producer is the glue that makes a record all come together in the best fashion.  Music Producers tend to be involved in most (if not all) of the parts of the creative process, but can also be the facilitators of deals, bargaining for the perfect feature, appearance, or hook specialist.

The main goal of the Music Producer is to ensure that the end production (song/movie score/background music, etc.) is commercially viable and ready for consumption by the end user.  In regular terms, we want to make sure that the music can be easily listened to.

The secondary goal is to have the end production be put together in such a cohesive manner, that it resonates with the end user and it invokes an emotion or action.

When music can invoke an action (makes you want to dance), or an emotion (makes you want to smile) on a mass scale, that is what we call a hit record/song.

As music producers, we want to make sure all the pieces of a record fit together.  Is that the right singer?  Or is that the right pitch/tone?  Does this need a different instrument?

The problem with most artists coming out is that they don’t have anyone with true professional experience that can guide them in the right direction musically.

That’s where we come in.

As producers with more than 20 years of experience, Arkatech Beatz provides the professional guidance that new artist would need to become more likely to succeed in the industry.

Some of the services professional music producers provide:

  • Feedback on the overall levels and tonal quality
  • Music programming and arrangements
  • Songwriting assistance
  • Engineering and mixing assistance
  • Musician selection
  • Vocalist selection

Arkatech Beatz provides additional music assistance:

  • Choosing the right song to release
  • Access to possible features and collaborations with other artists
  • Professional feedback
  • Artist development
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Mastering

If you’re a budgeted artist in need of professional music production services, contact us using the form below.  We’ll review your request, and if it’s a good fit for us to collaborate we’ll be sure to connect with you to discuss how we can work together to move your career forward.

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