L Don O Let’s Do It Producer Interview

L Don O Let's Do It Producer InterviewThere are hundreds of thousands of producers out there trying to make a name for themselves, and you have to do something a little extra ordinary to kind of put you ahead of the pack, L Don has done that. With producing Waka Flocka’s hit single “O Let’s Do It” he is definitely ahead of the pack. He not only has the entire Atlanta bopping, but also fans up top in NY got a chance to experience the Atlanta vibe once Diddy got on the remix along with Rick Ross. I got a chance to shoot the breeze real quick with the hit producer about production. Check out the interview with L Don below. ATB: For our readers, run down your resume real quick. Let em know some of the joints you did, some of the artist you’ve worked with, etc.

L.D: Produced For Waka Flocka (O Lets Do It), Rick Ross(300 Solder),Gorilla Zoe, Trillville, 5452, Ju, Pretty Boi Fresh, Joe Diamond, Uno, Velly boy & More.

ATB: That’s wsup…where are you from?

L.D: Atlanta Ga, Riverdale

ATB: How long have you been producing for?

L.D: Been producing since 2006 started selling beats around 2007

ATB: How would you describe your sound?

L.D: I have so many sounds it’s like I’m a group, I cant stick to just one genre.

ATB: I like that, what equipment do you use?

L.D: Fruity loops 9 XXL, AKAI LPK 25 key

ATB: ok..how long does it take usually to make a beat?

L.D: Around 20min to an hour while mixing and setting up bars.

ATB: Do you make beats with artist in mind or do you go with whatever and stash it until the right artist comes?

L.D: I do both, I like to work on my own projects then let the artist hear what I am working with to choose from.

ATB: How did that Waka Flocka “O Let’s Do it” record happen?

D.L: He heard the beat on a CD I gave his cousin, and then he called me and told me he wrote a song to it and rapped the first verse to me.

ATB: Dope! That was a big record, how did it feel when it dropped officially as a single?

D.L: I was excited because that was my first single and it was getting a lot of feedback.

ATB: That’s wsup…how about when Diddy and Rick Ross jumped on it? I know that felt incredible.

D.L: Man I was excited, I had heard about it before they recorded it from Coach K and then he made it happen, loved it!

ATB: Nice! Have people’s attitudes toward you and your beats change since you did that record?

D.L: Not really, people always said my beats where like movies so I continue to make hits for them.

ATB: What do you think about the current state of Hip Hop on a production level?

L.D: The production is sick now days it seems like some of the most simplest beats make it major, and the beats people put time into get put to the side in my opinion.

ATB: I agree with you on that. It can definitely get frustrating….what do you enjoy most about the biz though?

L.D: I like the interviews, nominations and promotion.

ATB: Oh ok, I ain’t mad at that, you work hard you deserve those things. Now we have this column on arkatechbeatz.com called Music Industry Bullsh*t where we vent about some of the B.S we go through as producers. What’s one thing in this biz that your tired of having to deal with?

L.D: Asking for free beatz all the time and if i do send them a track they record it at their house or on a phone or some (laugh) with some bad audio quality.

ATB: (laugh) Maaaan your so telling the truth right now! Ok…there are a lot of young cats trying to get into music production or just trying to take their sound to the next level. Do you have any producer tips?

L.D: Dont stick to just one sound keep a broad view of sounds do something different change the music game.

ATB: I agree…so now what’s next for you? What projects do you have coming that we should look out for?

L.D: Anything with a budget I’m trying to get on (laugh), just working trying to get another hit on the radio.

ATB: (laugh) I feel you bruh. Any artist you would like to work with that you haven’t yet?

L.D: Andre 3000, Snoop.

ATB: Anything outside of producing you would like to get into?

L.D: Acting or managing.

ATB: Oh yeah? I ain’t figure acting…but that’s where that big money at. So far…any regrets? Anything you would do over?

L.D: Letting too many people get too close to me, have to treat the music business like a chess game play the right moves.

ATB: That’s real. How can fans keep up with you and stay informed on the latest with you?

L.D: www.Ldonbeatz.com is the website and I stay on twitter wilding out follow me @Ldonbeatz

ATB: If one wants to get a track from you, how would they go about it?

L.D: Ldonbeatz@gmail.com is my email to purchase beats I accept Paypal, Cash, Money Orders, Western Union, Money Gram.

ATB: (laugh) Cod damn your not playing! But I salute that, your about ya biz. Ok….I think that about wraps it up for now. I want to thank you for giving arkatechbeatz.com this exclusive interview. We appreciate you taking time out of your day for this. Do you have any last words for our readers?

L.D: Stay humble and remember you only have one shot do not miss your chance to blow!