Jon Geezy True Blood Interview

Jon Geezy True Blood

If you’ve been keeping your ear close to the streets I’m sure you’ve heard the name Jon Geezy fly around. He’s been putting in work for years on the music scene delivering that raw gutta music. Jon Jon as he’s also called, paints vivid pictures of his life in his music, bringing you live and direct to a place where some of you honestly wouldn’t be able to handle in person. He’s already been cosigned and featured on songs with some of the souths newest wave of hot artist, Waka Flocka, Lil Hot, Parlae, Kollosus, Supplya and others. If your just now hearing of him…don’t worry, I’ll give you a quick introduction..but let me warn may want to tuck ya chain……you’ve been warned. ATB: First let me start of by saying, welcome home. It’s good to see you back and on your grind.

JG: Its good 2 be home preciate dat bruh!

ATB: Give the readers a little background on yourself. Where are you from? What/Where do you rep?

JG: I’m from Decatur GA, Candler Rd to be exact! Toney MF Valley

ATB: What made you decide to get into music?

JG: The Feds being on my back and seeing people that wasn’t livin that life profiting from it

ATB: Wow!..that’s the truth right there. So how did you actually get into the music game?

JG: I got in the music game by accident really, I played around and would always freestyle wit my partnas in between packs. I was running around in the streets doin me, met a another MF doin him (Parlae formerly of Da Franchise Boyz) but he just so happened he rapped too and he showed me there was some other money out here to get.. LEGAL Money

ATB: That’s dope that he put you on to that! How would you describe your music?

JG: It’s a black white Documentary by Kenny Burns if u never watched one google him and check him out my rhymes are like that I’m bringin u into my world every time

ATB: I first heard of you when you put out that jewelry record with Parlae that record basically gave us a rundown of who got they jewels relieved from them. I thought it was a hot record. I must have watched the video like 4 times straight. It looked like ya’ll had fun shooting it. What made you even think of making a record like that?

JG: Lol! Yeah we had a blast doin that video shouts out too James Wade too he directed that video! We just wanted to tell the truth bout these rappers and how they got there chains took PERIOD! No Dissin just Truth!

ATB: Did any of the Artist you mention have any issues with you mentioning their names?

JG: Well if they did I always heard bout it in 1/3 person, but I was always out and we performed it in venues where a lot of rappers were in the same spots plenty of nights and know one has approached me yet so…..

ATB: I’m starting now to see a lot more street records coming out of Atlanta. Do you think folks are finally getting tired of the snap and crunk music that was coming out of Atlanta? What’s happening?

JG: I think they want to hear what they listened to at the crib on the radio. Crunk and Snap records are still around, but its just delivered a lil differently. Times are hard and the people relate to that more than they do ballin!

ATB: Yeah I feel you on that. Now there are a lot of new artist coming out of Atlanta. Who are some of the new artist coming out that you really respect?

JG: Anyone that’s being true to their self and not compromising there music for a CHECK!

ATB: That’s a breath of fresh air just to hear that. You have your team KMG, can tell us about it, the members and what you guys are trying to bring to the game?

JG: Well KO*OP MUZIK GROUP is a company that Parlae, myself and a few friends started. Artist on the label consist of Bang Bang Gang (AR-JR, Slick, and Lil Man), Young Tay and of course Parlae and myself. We are the face of this New shit in Atlanta

ATB: ..And yall are making some serious noise I might add. What new projects are ya’ll currently working on?

JG: Recording the album “Blood Sport”. KMG as a whole are about to crank up this tour so well be comin to your city soon.

ATB: I also see you and Parlae just dropped the “Blood Brothers” mixtape hosted by DJ Scream. Can you tell us about it for those who haven’t checked it yet?

JG: That’s my homie and that’s what we were workin on before I went in the last time, so like a real ni**a he finished it up while I was gone and it JAMMIN TOO! Yall go download that anywhere you can get it Hi Fli tones have them at all locations too!

ATB: That’s wsup! Now who are some of the feature artist and producers you have on there? How is it like working with them?

JG: It was mainly KMG but Frenchie 1017 is a a couple, Calico Jonez, Korleeon, Yung Ralph, Roscoe Dash, Doeshun and Eastside Los is on that thing too. Producers on there are Arkatech Beatz, Proto Cal, Tony Heat , KE on the Track and sum I can’t remember right now. But the people I work with its a organic process if there on the record with me, that means I really F**k wit them no industry BS!

ATB: Going back real quick… you were recently locked up for a quick second right before the mixtape dropped. Can you share with our readers what facility you were you in, some of your thoughts while you were there and what your days were like? Bring us into your world.

JG: I was in the FEDS for a 6 month vaca but I’m home and ready to turn up. But i will say to yall lil ni**as… you think these dudes are 100 but those are the ones to tell the fastest. I seen so much paper work,… dudes I would have never thought would tell, but they singing on the whole hood like a mockin bird

ATB: Damn!!! That’s really crazy and disappointing at the same time. What was the first thing you did when you came home?

JG: Got sum strong and kissed my kids.

ATB: Yeah that def works. So many Artist are trying to get in the game and think all they have to do is rap but they don’t realize there is a whole business world and grind that goes along with it. Can you shed some light on it and tell our readers what’s the indie grind like and what are some of your day to day responsibilities as an indie artist?

JG: Its a business, luckily I have a team that keeps me together cuz without them it would be hard! I mean everything we do in outta our pocket videos,studio time, etc

ATB: Yeah I keep telling these artist they need a strong team and money to make any kind of impact. How do you feel right now about the south running the rap game?

JG: I love it

ATB: If there is something that you can change about the way Atlanta is viewed, what would it be?

JG: That Atlanta isn’t Mohawks and Skinny jeans. Me and Waka have a song about it on “True Blood”(mixtape) called “Atlanta’s Got a Problem”

ATB: From what you see so far is there any advice you would like to give to new upcoming artist trying to get into this?

JG: Find something else to do

ATB: …What’s next for you? What else should we be looking forward to in the near future from Jon Geezy and KMG?

JG: Keep pushing a lot more videos and we working on a movie too

ATB: Movie? Oh we gonna have to def speak on that on the next interview. In the meanwhile How can fans reach out to you and keep updated on what you and KMG got coming?

JG: Follow me on twitter @jongeezy_kmg

ATB: That’s what it is bruh! Thanks for giving this exclusive interview man, we appreciate it. Do you have any last words for our readers?

JG: Thanks for the support! Shout out to my team for holding me down always they know who they are, and just KEEP IT BRACKIN! GONE……

written by Mike”Trauma”D