I Am Parlae Interview

I Am ParlaeAs a member of the hit rap group Da Franchize Boyz, Parlae had his hand in the dominance of southern hip hop in the market. With smash hits under his belt like “I Think They Like Me” & “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” Parlae has seen success a lot of artist now a days can just only wish for. Lately Parlae has been working solo, putting out some solid records for the street, mixtape after mixtape. Check out the interview as we dig into the mind of Parlae.ATB: Give our readers a little background on you. Where are you from/what you rep?

Parlae: I’m from Bowen Homes Projects off Bankhead on da westside of Atlanta, GA

ATB: Ok, Now you had some success as a member of Dem Franchize Boyz some years ago, yall had a few major hits and helped spawned a new genre of hip hop called snap music. How does it feel to have such a major impact in the game? Cause at the end of the day you’ve made history and set a few trends which many others cant say.

Parlae: Well I feel like dats a good start to my resume but it ain’t da start of what I’m going to accomplish. I have a lot more to offer as a artist den you have heard from da Franchize Boyz kuz I’m versatile and I kan really rap unlike some artist, lol

ATB: lol..Do you still see any of the other former group members? Are they still doing music?

Parlae: Yeah I talk to dem often and we are working on a mixtape right now and da album is done. We are working on promoting Franchize new single called “OHH WHOP””

ATB: Oh ok, that’s wsup. How’s it been doing the solo thang though? Do you like it better?

Parlae: Da solo sh*t is coming along real good, I get a lot of good feedback from muzik and da streets been asking for some Parlae solo sh*t since Dem Franchize Boyz been out. I like it better kuz it gives my fans a chance to hear my story, my flow and dey get a better understanding of “Parlae” as a individual.

ATB: Yeah I notice you have a flow that definitely stands out. Can you describe your music for those who may not have heard?

Parlae: Well I’m like 3 people when it comes to my muzik, You got ‘Teddy Grams Da Hustla’ which is like da trap ‘Parlae’ a wild kinda I don’t give a f**k type of attitude guy. Den you got ‘Mr So Wuts Poppin’ which is da red carpet Hollywood ‘Parlae’ a party type of guy who luvs da females. Den u got ‘Parlae Escobar’ which is da mature ‘Teddy Grams’ and “Mr So Wuts Poppin’ all in one, let’s just say a boss. Dat covers every avenue of muzik kuz sometimes I like to go hard in da trap but den I like to drop party records like wut you have heard from Da Franchize Boyz.

ATB: Interesting… I spoke with your partner Jon Geezy a few interviews ago, *(Check Jon Geezy “True Blood” [Interview]) and he spoke very highly of you. He basically said you showed him a way into this rap thing. What made yall decide to work with each other and start Ko*Op Muzik Group?

Parlae: Jon Geezy dats my muthaf*kn ni**a! He been my homie before da rap sh*t. We linked up on a street level and found out dat we both rap. Actaully Jon Geezy da one who convinced me not to write my rap no more back in 03. We like da same person so we linked up wit sum mo of our homies and we brought our street movemen to da industry and started Ko*op Muzik Group. Shouts out to Yerp, Sam Rostein, Robie Rose, Big Buda, Young Tay and Da Bang Bang Gang *****SOO WOO*****

ATB: What projects are you currently working on now?

Parlae: ‘Blocks N Glocks’ hosted by Da King DJ EJ is out now on all da mixtape sites, den I’m droppin ‘Street Bible’ hosted by DJ Swamp Izzo and DJ Kutt Throat, den ‘Mr So Wuts Poppin’ Hosted by DJ Kamillion. I got a couple mo, but dey in construction right now.

ATB: Damn! U really working! When can we expect them?

Parlae: ‘Street Bible’ in October, den “Mr So Wuts Poppin’ beginning of December. I’m bout to drop a mixtape every month for da next six months

ATB: That’s wsup! I’m hearing a lot more harder records coming out of the south now. Why is that?

Parlae: Dat street sh*t is coming back homie, and da game is missing ‘real’ street ni**as ..kuz most of da hardcore rappers dats out aint really street. So ni**as like me and Jon Geezy bout to give it to dem how its supposed to be.

ATB: I feel you on that… If you can change one thing that some people may think about the south, what would it be?

Parlae: I would say don’t think dat kuz we from da south dat we cant rap or we aint lyrical , kuz personally I think dat It aint more den a hand full of rappers who really f**kin wit me on a mic str8 up!!!!! Deez ni**as better listen.

ATB: What do you enjoy the most about being an indie label as opposed to being on a major label?

Parlae: Well by me having a couple of major deals I think dat being indie gives you a chance to be creative of your own muzik and create your own image. It also teaches you about da industry and you get a chance to eat more (make more money) without always being in debt to a label.

ATB: Thats true. Indie Artist are def being more creative and sounding better even on these mixtapes then on an album on a major. …Now as an artist who had prior success, you’ve seen and experienced a lot. Do you have any regrets? If so what is it?

Parlae: I don’t really have any regrets kuz everything happens for a reason and wut I have been through have prepared me for wut I’m going through now.

ATB: What advice would you give an up and coming artist trying to get in the game?

Parlae: Make sure your business is right first, like your publishing and your copyrights to your muzik. Den you have to grind like no other, even when you get tired of promoting you gotta keep going kiz you get out wut you put in.

ATB: Good advice man! We have a column on arkatechbeatz.com called Music Industry Bullsh*t basically venting about the bullsh*t we go thru as producers in this biz. What’s something you go thru or you hate in this game?

Palae: I hate when people get a lil authority and power and dey misuse it. Dey get day ‘big head’. You can accomplish a lot more when you are humble.

ATB: Hell yeah !I feel you on that! Folks get a lil title and they act ‘brand new’ all of a sudden! Speaking of brand new…what do you think about all these so called rap beefs going on between artist as of late? Do you feel its all a gimmick, a promo tool or simple misunderstandings?

Parlae: Sum of it is real, some of it is fake. Sometimes people just speak dey mind and sometimes it’s just hate. But I know I don’t do rap beef. If we beefing, we beefing for real on a street level, f**k da muzik. Da songs can come after repercussions str8 up!

ATB: Sometimes with all the gimmicks and tricky marketing tactics the average consumer doesn’t even know what’s authentic anymore. Who are some of the new artist/movements outside of Ko*op Muzik Group that you definitely respect ?

Parlae: I respect movements. You can be da hottest rapper living but if you don’t have da hood and da streets behind you, you wont get far. So everybody who got a movement it’s a big respect dis way kuz it takes a leader to lead.

ATB: Well said!! Are there any artist /producers you haven’t worked with that you would like to?

Parlae: I definitely wanna f**k wit R.Kelly on sum sh*t but I really like f**kin wit da undergroud artist kuz dey are da hungriest and I only f**l wit hungry ni**as.

ATB: Wow! I ain’t expect you to say Kells..but I can dig it. What else you got coming down the line, any movie roles? Is that something you would like to do?

Parlae: Well on dat note, I write movies. I done wrote like 3 of dem and I’m now taking acting classes and have a acting agent who is currently working on movie roles for me.

ATB: Yeah? That’s dope your taking it serious with the classes an all and not just trying to jump in. Now..how can fans reach out to you and keep updated on what you and KMG got coming?

Parlae: twitter.com/parlae_kmg , facebook Parlae Escobar , myspace.com/parlaeescobar , youtube.com/iamparlae , reverbnation.com/parlae or email me at ko.opmuzikgroup@gmail.com or iamparlae@gmail.com

ATB: Aight…..Thanks for giving ArkatechBeatz.com this exclusive interview man, we appreciate it. Do you have any last words for our readers?

Parlae: “Ko*op is a way of life, It’s not a movement”

written by Mike”Trauma”D