Hip-Hop Abused – I Used To Love Her

Hip-Hop Abused I Used to Love Her

The Past. Remember back in the days when people were in love with the Hip Hop culture? You couldn’t get enough of the MC skills, break dancing, b boxing, graffiti, etc. Remember when cats held ciphers and battled each other while one of the homies cupped his hands over his mouth to supply the background music? I know I’m not the only one that supplied beats by banging on lunch room tables. Man I use to get creative and pull out a nickel to help give me a scratching effect on the table every few bars…lol.. Remember racing home to watch music videos? How about standing in the mirror reciting your favorite verse? Man I remember watching the news and a few kids were sent to the hospital for trying to do head spins and hand spins..SMH….LOLI loved Hip Hop to the core man and like others, wanted to be part of it, not just as a fan but as a contributor. So I grinded and went thru my trials and tribulations, worked my way up the ranks and eventually landed a gig at a major record label. I thought sh*t was sweet…I’m in the core of hip hop…maaan was I wrong, I will never forget that day when reality hit.

I walked into a promo meeting pen and pad ready to write down some notes on some new music I was about to hear. Man I was excited……….sigh….half hour passes….no music, just a lot of talking. I kept saying to myself..”just play the music..let the music speak,..what are we talking about”…then something happened. It was like a punch to the gut. The radio guy asks “how much is the radio budget?” I said to myself…huh?? Wait? There is a budge for that? You mean we got to pay DJ’s to play records? But I thought they played it caused they liked the song. So all those times they cutting it up and bringing it back and hyping it up is…..fake!?? ohhh sh*t!!!! I thought they was for the Hip Hop culture?? Yo I was soo sick. It was like a little kid being told to early that Santa Clause isn’t real or better yet, catching ya moms taking ya tooth from under you pillow and replacing it with a dollar. I’ve been had, fooled. I was not in the presence of Hip Hop, I was in the presence of the business of Hip Hop and I was disgusted with it. I was better off a blind consumer enjoying just the music…but its too late, I swallowed that pill.

The Present

Fast Fwd to now…Being its illegal..radio pay (payola) is hidden in the budget under something else, indirectly. We also have new marketing tactics, fake gangsters, fake beefs, fake suicide attempts, robberies, porn ambitions, all sorts of moral less promo schemes you can think of. Then we have the actual drug dealers who don’t care about the hip hop culture but have the money to fund a rap dream putting out garbage music. And then the rest of us who don’t got that drug money…we can easily go on You Tube and do something stupid like the latest dance, get hit by a truck and become a celebrity, then using the publicity to put out some garbage music. Everyone just wants to get on by any means, but the wrost part is its people who dont deserve to get on. They dont have the natural skill or talent for this, they just want the fame and the money. Alot of artist dont care about the culture and dont care about a hot classic album..Its all a hustle to them. They just want that 1 hit single and thats it, they can tour off a single and make a killing with booked shows. ..thats it. Sh*t is really out of hand and it seems like its open season for anyone to get on and do whatever…anything, as long as it draws attention, you got a shot. Cmon I saw a robbery on video and at the end it got dudes album coming soon…WTF!!? or here is my favorite… Chick sleeps with a bunch of rappers and now shes a celeb being booked to host at Hip Hop clubs! Wow!! Sh*t aint about Hip Hop culture anymore, it’s about the business of Hip Hop, how much promo you got, how far u can take it.. How much interest have you generated.. cause all that interest leads to…..money. Yup!! It’s about money only…not Hip Hop culture! People are hustling, doing whatever they want and tying it to hip hop…pimping it out and abusing it as they may.

Sh*ts really changed and it makes one ask themselves…what are you in this for if you came in this on some Hip Hop culture? I mean there is a flip side to all of this. Think about it..your at, or getting to an age where you got responsibilities, a family, kids, bills, etc. you got to do what you got to do right? Maybe we all eventually turn into those same people in that marketing meeting I attended, who have a job to do and have their own bills to pay and just got to get that money. But damn..do we have to abuse and pimp out hip hop like this? Lets keep it 100 though…it is a natural progress, as you get older, priorities change and if your trying to make money your questions go from “Is he hot? Is he nice? to “what’s the budget?” and “is he selling?” does that make you a sellout, businessman, a pimp of hip hop? Can you be mad at someone just trying to support his family,..even though its abusing hip hop? I dont know…everyone has their situation and you dont know that mans story or what hes really going thru with his family. Just cause he got a Maybach doesnt mean he is happy or has it as good as you think. Cause I tell you this..all that glitters aint gold and on top of what he goes thru, hiding behind fake smiles and popping bottles in the video, when the cameras go off… them Bentley payments are still due…and IRS is watching. So abusing hip hop in any way, maybe some folks only option…sigh..yeah sad huh?

As I flashback to banging beats on that lunch room table when I was a younging, I can’t help feel….nostalgic, wishing I can get that same feeling with todays Hip Hop, but you cant…your not at the same place, your not the same age…..your not even the same person…you’ve grown from that. Probably got a screamiing kid you got to provide for and you got to get that money by any means necessary. So just like some of our friends and fam that has passed away, so has that feeling of Hip Hop for some …now its just a hustle, a ways to get money…“Fu*k you, pay me!” …….Sigh…Man I miss Hip Hop with no responsibilities…maaaaan

“I use to love her.”

“It was all so simple then”
– Wu Tang Clan

written by Mike”Trauma”D