Do Music Email Blasts Work?

email-listI have a lot of associates that offer email blasts services. For the most part it is a good way to get your music out as long as the ones blasting it have relationships with who they are blasting it to or it can end up being as useful as a drop in a bucket. To be totally honest, I hate being added to an MP3 email blast list from some random person I don’t know. I usually delete it right away without listening to the record (I don’t like my inbox cluttered). The worst part about some of those emails are the generic lines like “the biggest record in the city” or “has a huge buzz”. 9 out of 10 times if you check it out it’s false. Besides, the hottest record usually doesn’t have to be announced. So refrain from using the generic wording when using email blasts or have some sort of proof.
But even though I may not like receiving those email blast it doesn’t mean others feel the same way. There are people that go through their emails and listen to everything. It can also provide you with endless additional opportunities. So if the price is right it can be something worth looking into. But remember, it’s really a gamble and nothing is guaranteed.

If you do decide to use an email blast service, I recommend you do your research.
● Check the company’s credentials (See which campaigns they were a part of in the past)
● Have additional campaigns going (Don’t rely totally on the service for promotion)
● Make sure the blasts are targeted and not just to random folks in a different fields.
● If you have a hand in the email presentations make sure the email blasts stand out without overkill and too much separate material to download (Make it simple).
● Don’t use hard to believe or generic claims(“hottest in the city”, “next up”)
● Keep emails respectful and non intrusive (Provide unsubscribe option)
● Check your progress weekly/monthly (obvious Increase in social media followers?)

Overall, nothing beats getting out in the streets, promoting, networking and making relationships. This allows contacts to know who you are and look out for your material over the tons of emails they get. But until you get those relationships the right email blast service can be useful in your campaign.

Good Luck out there

Mike “Trauma” D