Diego Cash Honorable Mention

Diego Cash Honorable Mention Artist InterviewIf you haven’t heard of Diego Cash, you clearly don’t have your ear close enough to the streets. Diego has been making a buzz for himself for a while appearing on records with Gorilla Zoe, Bun B, Supplya, Rick Ross and more. I got a chance to chop it up with him real briefly just to see what he’s got going on. Check out the one on one with Diego Cash below.

ATB: How you feeling today bruh?

D.C: Good! real good! just dropped this Honorable Mention tape, It’s crazy!

ATB: Yeah I see, we’re def gonna get to that in a sec. Let’s go back a little bit, get our readers to know a little about you. Where are you from, where do you rep?

D.C: I was born in Brooklyn, stayed in Jersey, but been in ATL most a my life

ATB: Oh you from my town, that’s wsup. What made you decide to get in the rap game and who were some of your influences?

D.C: I was always surrounded by music and one day it just started. It was organic, we just started building.

ATB: For those that don’t know..what’s your current label situation right now?

D.C: I’m signed to Carmelo Anthony’s Krossover Ent

ATB: Sweet! How did you connect with Melo?

D.C: I meet him through my sister (La La) bout 7 yrs ago

ATB: Ohhhh ok I didn’t even know that, that’s wsup. Ok now tell us about this new mixtape you just dropped.

D.C: Honorable Mention… I got Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Joell Ortiz, Gorilla Zoe, Juicy J, my partna Al Hughes and on the production side it got Juicy J, Cool & Dre, Kajmir Royale, but my partna Mark Henry did the bulk of it.

ATB: Nice! you got some heavy weights on there…. now on arkatechbeatz.comwe have a column called Music Industry bullsh*t where we vent about the bullsh*t we go thru as producers. As an artist whats some of the bullsh*t u go thru

D.C: Sh*t, all the same bullsh*t yall go thru. I been dealing with this game for so long nothing shocks me or impresses me. You gotta show n prove.

ATB: I feel you on that, and your right. At the end of the day you gotta show n prove. Now these 360 deals that major labels are starting to make mandatory…what do you think about em?

D.C: It’s the nature of the beast, but if you get hot enough in the streets, they’ll give you whatever you want.

ATB: Yeah… just got to show n prove like you said…..Any artist & producers you would like to work with in the future?

D.C: Pharell is def my dream collab

ATB: Yeah he’s dope, I can see that happening. Now a lot of aspiring artist trying to get In this game. You have any advice for em?

D.C: Go hard, conquer your city before you try to conquer the world

ATB:That’s good and very important advice. Any regrets so far? Anything you would change?

D.C: I don’t got no regrets! Thinking bout the past will hinder your future. I try to keep myself focused and make the right decisions.

ATB: That’s real right there… Now in this bizness, one can get really busy. What do you like to do when you get some spare time?

D.C: Maaaan I like to stay at home with my son.

ATB: Dope! Got to love that! Now how can fans keep up to date with the latest on you?

D.C: thisisdiegocash.com, (twitter) @diegocash, facebook.com/thisisdiegocash

ATB: If someone wanted to book you for a show or feature who should they contact ?

D.C: urblockdjs@gmail.com

ATB: Cool.. I think that just about covers it for now. Thanks for giving ArkatechBeatz.com this exclusive interview man, we  appreciate you chopping it up with us for a quick sec. Do you have any last words for our readers?

D.C: Yeah be on the lookout for your boy and give that tape (Honorable Mention) a listen.. Keep it 100!