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How Big Pun Changed My Life

How Big Pun Changed My LifeOn the anniversary of Big Pun’s death, I couldn’t help thinking..

I didn’t speak to Big Pun as much as I should have.

Being a young producer from the North East Bronx, and being in the studio for the first time with a major label artist, sort of had me on edge. My production partner Mike “Trauma” D, worked at Loud Records at the time so he had established a cool relationship with Pun. We traveled all the way to Staten Island to Mystic Studios to lay the track for “Capital Punishment”. I didn’t really know what to expect, I was just happy to be doing this music producer thing. Little did I know, I would be part of a hip-hop classic in the making, and how my life would never be the same after that session. Read More

The Colleagues You Don’t Know Producer Interview

The Colleagues You Don't Know Producer InterviewWhile we were working on Alley Boy’s “Definition of F*ck Sh*t” mixtape (which is now considered a hood classic) I had the pleasure of meeting up with production duo The Colleagues. The Colleagues (who produced the soulful Alley Boy track “You Don’t Know”) have been hard at work knocking out tracks for various artist making a name for themselves. I got up with the homie, K.P of The Colleagues just to shoot the breeze and have some quick producer talk. Check it out below. Read More

L Don O Let’s Do It Producer Interview

L Don O Let's Do It Producer InterviewThere are hundreds of thousands of producers out there trying to make a name for themselves, and you have to do something a little extra ordinary to kind of put you ahead of the pack, L Don has done that. With producing Waka Flocka’s hit single “O Let’s Do It” he is definitely ahead of the pack. He not only has the entire Atlanta bopping, but also fans up top in NY got a chance to experience the Atlanta vibe once Diddy got on the remix along with Rick Ross. I got a chance to shoot the breeze real quick with the hit producer about production. Check out the interview with L Don below. Read More

Brick Squad Producer Southside Interview

Brick Squad Producer - SouthSide ProducerBrick Squad producer Southside is quickly making a name for himself. His hard hitting, menacing beats can be heard on albums and various mixtapes. From working as an inhouse producer knocking out bangers with Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka, South Side has lined himself up perfectly to be a producer to watch out for in 2011. Check out my quick Q&A interview with him below. Read More

Torch of MMG – Color Cut Clarity Interview

Torch of MMG - Color Cut Clarity InterviewOne of the biggest movements right now is Maybach Music Group, led by Def Jam recording artist Rick Ross. Maybach Music Group has not only made a heavy impact on mainstream, but they have also kept a strong hold on the streets releasing various mixtapes and street albums from their various artists. I got a chance to chop it up with artist Torch of MMG (Maybach Music Group) for a quick sec, who fills me in on how he as a rapper from NY connected with one of the biggest artist in the south. Check out the interview below. Read More

Diego Cash Honorable Mention

Diego Cash Honorable Mention Artist InterviewIf you haven’t heard of Diego Cash, you clearly don’t have your ear close enough to the streets. Diego has been making a buzz for himself for a while appearing on records with Gorilla Zoe, Bun B, Supplya, Rick Ross and more. I got a chance to chop it up with him real briefly just to see what he’s got going on. Check out the one on one with Diego Cash below. Read More

Someone Else Is Getting Your Royalties

Someone Else Is Getting Your Royalties ArticleIt’s hard being a music producer these days, everyone knows that record sales are way down.With that said, it’s increasingly difficult to get paid for your work as a producer. If you’re one of the lucky few who have been blessed to get some music out listen up, there’s money out there that belongs to you!! The only problem is they (The Sound Exchange) won’t give it to you. Let me explain.. Read More

Do I Need A Manager?

Do I Need A Manager ContractDo I need a manager?  I’ve been getting hit up from various artist and producers asking me if a manager is needed. I usually respond with…it depends. Before I go on, let me quickly run down the definition of a music manager…and please note there are different kinds of managers.

Now a traditional music manager is a business professional who helps guide the career of a musician. They work on the best interest of the musician and are involved with ensuring that the musician is being paid, promoted properly, performing at venues, receiving endorsements, feature appearances, shopping music, etc. They usually do this for about 10% – 25% of the musicians ‘advance’ from deal. For example if your manager gets you a show, song deal, record deal or publishing deal they are entitled usually up to 25% of the ‘advance’ money received… not money generated after….unless you negotiated something special for them to continue going in your pockets. Read More

DJ Swamp Izzo Interview

DJ Swamp Izzo InterviewWith the music industry filled with so many snakes and frauds, it’s refreshing for me to introduce this person to yall. Not only is he a real genuine dude who’s passionate about music, he’s a dude that has helped many get on. He has given hope to the under dog rapper. From being Shawty Lo’s Dj to Dj’ing major concerts all over the world, to having a radio show, pushing out mixtapes and still able to kick it with you on Bankhead..I introduce to you Dj Swamp Izzo repping Hood Rich Ent. Read More

What Is A 360 Deal?


What Is A 360 DealOk ok twitter really been off the hook about 360 deals. Seems like many people, including artist don’t know the definition of one…so let me give you the dictionary definition and then I’ll pretty much break it down as simple as I can for yall. Here we go…
Read More

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