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If You Want To Use Music, You’ve Got To Pay For It”: Music’s Crisis, and How To Fix It

Jeff Price slaps his hands on his desk. As he details the flaws he’s found in the music industry since the early 2000s, his words fly out faster and faster until he has to stop to breathe in the middle of a sentence.

“Music is important,” says Price, the former owner of the indie record label Spin. “Music has inherent value. And if you want to use music, you’ve got to fucking pay for it.” Read More

How to Turn Your Worthless College Degree Into A Job In The Music Industry

Congratulations, graduates! You’ve earned your degree, stepped out for one last wistful toss of the frisbee, and completed your final celebratory keg stand. The future is yours. You’ve made it. You’re ready for the real world—or at least ready to stare into the abyss of post-graduation ennui. Maybe you have a job all lined up. Good for you, you go-getter! Maybe you’ve realized, with increasing dread, that none of the jobs you bulk applied to on are going to get back to you. Maybe you still have no idea what you want to do with yourself because the only thing you like is music. But don’t start panicking; stay calm. There’s hope.

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Selling Out – How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online?

It’s a new day, with plenty of different ways for artists and producers to earn online.  Take a look at the breakdown, and make sure you’re getting what you deserve for your music.

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What YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and TIDAL Are Paying Artists… – The Sad Truth


These days we are working with more independent artists than ever.  Artist have big dreams, but the reality is, the new business can be a nightmare.  Our goal at is to empower artists and producers about the music business, and support them on their journey.  We came across some info in regard to what the major streaming companies are paying artist.  It isn’t pretty.  Shout out to for trying to do the right thing when it comes to streaming and artist royalties. Read More

Do Music Streaming Services Devalue Music?

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Music Streaming Services Devalue Music

Since the Internet boom, record labels have been trying to find a way to keep a handle on music illegally being available for free downloads. For years they have been losing the battle. Is the music industry doomed to failure?  Read More

Do Music Email Blasts Work?

email-listI have a lot of associates that offer email blasts services. For the most part it is a good way to get your music out as long as the ones blasting it have relationships with who they are blasting it to or it can end up being as useful as a drop in a bucket. To be totally honest, I hate being added to an MP3 email blast list from some random person I don’t know. I usually delete it right away without listening to the record (I don’t like my inbox cluttered). The worst part about some of those emails are the generic lines like “the biggest record in the city” or “has a huge buzz”. 9 out of 10 times if you check it out it’s false. Besides, the hottest record usually doesn’t have to be announced. So refrain from using the generic wording when using email blasts or have some sort of proof. Read More

The Rise And Fall Of Major Record Labels

So we’re now down to 3 major record labels. What am I talking about you ask? Well if you haven’t been paying attention let me bring you up to speed. EMI, the fourth-largest business group and family of record labels has been absorbed by Univeral Music Group. Now if you’re still unmoved by this piece of news then you fail to realize what’s been happening in the music business for the last couple of decades. Let me explain….let’s take it from the top….the tippy. Read More