Music Streaming Services Devalue Music

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Music Streaming Services Devalue Music

Since the Internet boom, record labels have been trying to find a way to keep a handle on music illegally being available for free downloads. For years they have been losing the battle. Some people champion the loss of revenue for big corporate giants feeling they treat artist unfair with their unethical accounting giving artist bread crumbs while they rake in millions. Others feel that everyone gets hurt from illegal downloads, not just record labels, but artist, and consumers looking for new creative music from their favorite artist.
Let’s fast forward to streaming music services. Music streaming services allow access to unlimited music at a monthly subscription rate giving artist a cut of the revenue based on the amount of streams (at an unfair low rate of course). But some streaming services allow users to stream music for free as a guest.
I then have to ask. So the artist that gets music streamed by a guest doesn’t receive anything, while the service still profits by placing ads in-between your songs? And what makes a person want to buy your album if they can stream it anytime for free? Legally!!
It seems like once again the artist/producer gets the unfair end. But on top of that, music gets devalued when it’s constantly given away for free. Even mixtapes can devalue artist music depending on who you ask, but that’s another topic.
However, Apple may have an answer to the problem. Apple is looking to introduce their new streaming services with no free streaming option. According to the New York Times this has greatly pleased top executives at major music labels, who have begun to complain openly that so much free music has given consumers too little reason to pay for it.
If every streaming service would conform to this method it would start to bring back some of the value in music. It is important that artist and producers protect the value of their work if their expecting to make a living off it. Too much freebees can create an atmosphere of free music entitlement. Just ask the hard working credited producers who gets tweeted daily for free beats.


Mike”Trauma”D is part of the music production team Arkatech Beatz (formerly known as The Infinite Arkatechz). Arkatech Beatz is a Grammy nominated hip-hop production team from New York now based in Atlanta. They were affiliated with Loud Records/ Sony Music Entertainment as A&R’s and have produced for artists such as Big Pun, Nas, Raekwon, Jadakiss, The Game, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Scrappy, Killer Mike, Shawty Lo, Mýa, Alley Boy, Max B and others. The team consists of Mike “Trauma” D and Jugrnaut.

What Does The Blurred Lines Verdict Mean For Artist And Producers?

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blurred-lines-verdict-imageWhat Does The Blurred Lines Verdict Mean For Artist And Producers?

As of now, most of us throughout the music industry have heard about the decision handed down by a Los Angeles jury ordering artist/songwriters Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams to pay a hefty 7.3 million dollars to the Marvin Gaye family for copyright infringement. While the verdict will most like be appealed, the question lies for many artist and producers: Can we be sued for infringement for creating records/songs inspired by our favorite artist/producers/songwriters? Read More »

Artist Without an Online Plan, Plan to Fail In the Music Business

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As the technology in the music business continues to evolve, and new mediums to create, share and distribute music are introduced, it becomes essential for new artist to keep up with the current trends. Whether it’s using the latest social media platforms or utilizing the latest website plugins, the importance of having a clear plan for your online presence can make or break your music career. Below are some simple steps you can take to better your online music promotion. Read More »

What’s A Songwriter Split Sheet? Not Having One Can Cost You Big Time

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songwriting-arkatechbeatzWhat’s A Songwriter Split Sheet? Not Having One Can Cost You Big Time

The creative process can sometimes take place within a group of artist or musicians. It’s very common to be in a situation where you have some folks working on the beats/music, and others working on the lyrics. Other times, people get together during a studio session and create music/songs with such a vibe one just cannot deny. When it’s all said and done, and you’re listening to the next hot song, the big question lies. Who was responsible for what portions of the song? When creative collaboration comes about, a songwriter split sheet can help to determine everyone’s fair songwriting share. Read More »

Do Music Email Blasts Work?

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email-listI have a lot of associates that offer email blasts services. For the most part it is a good way to get your music out as long as the ones blasting it have relationships with who they are blasting it to or it can end up being as useful as a drop in a bucket. To be totally honest, I hate being added to an MP3 email blast list from some random person I don’t know. I usually delete it right away without listening to the record (I don’t like my inbox cluttered). The worst part about some of those emails are the generic lines like “the biggest record in the city” or “has a huge buzz”. 9 out of 10 times if you check it out it’s false. Besides, the hottest record usually doesn’t have to be announced. So refrain from using the generic wording when using email blasts or have some sort of proof. Read More »

Why Your Demo Tape Does Not Matter

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It’s 2015 and I’m still getting emails and tweets from people asking me to check out their demo. It’s pretty much a useless request, because even if I do take the time out of my day (which is a job people normally get paid for) to listen and hear something I like (which usually never happens), the artist still has to prove themselves. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t matter what I think about your demo or what anybody else thinks initially. What matters is if you have proven yourself. It’s that saying we all heard “numbers don’t lie” (even though they can, but that’s another topic). Read More »

Arkatech Beatz – Rough Patch

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Get the latest beat “Rough Patch”  from Platinum Producers ARKATECH BEATZ.

Production Credits Include: Nas, Raekwon, Game, Prodigy, Curren$y, Mya, Max B, Meek Mill, Jadakiss, Alley Boy, Shawty Lo, Waka Flocka, Freddie Gibbs, Killer Mike, Cyhi Tha Prynce, Eldorado Red, Pesh Mayweather, Mikey Dollaz, I.L Will, Lil Chris, Sasha Go Hard and more!

Arkatech Beatz Theatre Of War Mixtape Trailer

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Arkatech Beatz Theatre Of War Mixtape Trailer

Platinum Producers Arkatech Beatz (Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss, Raekwon, Waka Flocka Flame, Alley Boy, Lil Scrappy, etc) release the trailer to their upcoming Instrumental Mixtape “Theatre Of War” Hosted By DJ Swamp Izzo.

The mixtape is packed with 17 can’t miss tracks produced by Arkatech Beatz, just waiting for your vocals.

Theatre Of War” will be available for free download on May 27, 2014.



16 Years Later Big Pun’s Capital Punishment Remains As One Of Hip-Hop’s Most Underrated Albums

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big_pun-capital_punishmentApril 28th, 2014 will mark the 16 year anniversary of the release of Big Pun’s classic debut album “Capital Punishment”.

At the time of this release expectations were pretty high.  The single “Still Not A Player” was getting major radio rotation and things were looking pretty good.  The album was received very well, and actually topped Billboard reaching #5 on the on the Billboard 200.  It was also #1 on Billboards  Top R&B Albums.

Not bad for a guy from the Bronx and his first album.

“Capital Punishment” went on to be nominated for a grammy in 1999. Although he didn’t win, the album was a success selling well over 1 million copies and cementing Big Pun in recording history as the first Latino solo rapper to go platinum. Read More »

Arkatech Beatz Giving Away Free Beat!

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Here is your chance to work with Multi Patinum record producers Arkatech Beatz.

Ok,  let me get right to it. My birthday is this Monday, April 28th, and I’m feeling generous. So for just you serious grinding artist I’m giving away a free trap beat so we can find the next artist to work with. My production partner Jug isn’t really feeling the idea of giving away a free beat, but hey it’s my birthday so I got him to go along with it for a limited time only, so share this via Twitter and FaceBook to your friends,family, and whoever else is on the grind. Read More »

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